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digital holography

Our Service
Providing digital holography support on a global scale is our core value proposition.
Open source software

We build and maintain reliable, versatile and powerful digital hologram software : including holovibes for real-time, low latency and high throughput image rendering and holowaves for streamlined hologram image rendering with MathWorks Matlab. We share our expertise in digital holography and train programmers in parallel computing to support the development of robust open source imaging software for demanding applications. Check our GitHub!

Applications : Optical devices

The digital holography foundation, through its collaborative and open source software platform, supports individuals, laboratories and companies by offering them concrete means to carry out computational optical imaging. The primary use case for our high bitrate software is laser Doppler holography. Optical tomography, microscopy, and vibrometry are also supported. Join our Discord and tell us about your project.


We train student programmers in Cpp/Cuda to fullfil a practical mission : Achieving image rendering through parallel computing on graphics processing units with a large variety of cameras, including high-speed CoaXPress streaming systems. We also train engineers and graduate students in device co-design and signal processing to improve robust image computation and wavefront analysis in Matlab, Python and Java. We offer internship positions all year round.

Software, Devices & Education
We foster the development of digital holography software and devices through education

Real-time, high speed hologram rendering


Streamlined hologram rendering with Matlab

Holographic OCT

Optical coherence tomography

Holographic photo-plethysmography
Holographic photo-plethysmography

Digital Holography Foundation
Digital Holography Foundation

Providing digital holography support on a global scale


Parallel computing with CUDA/C++

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Open-source hardware & Matlab scripts

About Us
Our mission: to develop, share and adapt open-source parallel computing software for high-speed digital holography to foster innovation in computational imaging. Check our Instagram!
Our Partners
We support projects requiring digital rendering of holograms by providing a complete solution including open source software, precise instrument design guidelines, feedback and advice for the most varied use cases. Contact us on Discord for assistance.
Langevin Institute, CNRS, ESPCI
Paris, France
ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab
Châtillon, France
Essilor-Luxottica. Essilor instruments
Créteil, France

Lumibird Quantel Medical
Cournon d'Auvergne, France
Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital, INSERM
Paris, France

Bar-Ilan University
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Paris, France
The University of Pittsburgh. Dept. of Ophthalmology, UPMC
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
The University of Copenhagen Dept. of Clinical Medicine
Copenhagen, Denmark
University College London (UCL) Dept. of Med. Phys. and Biomedical Eng.
London, United Kingdom
The University of Melbourne. Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Melbourne, Australia
L V Prasad Eye Institute K. V. Chowdary Campus
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
University of California, Davis College of Engineering
Davis, CA, USA
Le Mans University. Institut d'Acoustique - Graduate School
Le Mans, France
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology FTMC
Vilnius, Lithuania